Meet Dr. Danielle Herschler

Being a dentist means I get to take care of people. I get to know them: learning about their lives, families, interests, and how they came to live on Cape Cod. Showing a real interest in the person is — beyond their oral health needs — helps to build trust and communication, as people learn I care about them as individuals.

As a dentist, I am drawn to situations where I can really help people be healthier, feel better about themselves, and enjoy life to the fullest. Aesthetic porcelain/ceramic dentistry is one of my interests, because it can transform a smile and restore a person’s confidence.

I also enjoy treating children and ensuring they feel safe in the dental office. It’s enjoyable to listen to a child’s unique perspective on life while teaching her or him about teeth. Kids’ willingness — and sometimes even excitement — to listen and learn, and to just have fun, makes my day!

Education and Experience

I grew up in northern Maine. My father was a dentist, so I spent time observing and working in his office. I found myself drawn to dentistry after seeing how my father developed longstanding relationships with his patients and staff. It seemed that being part of a team that truly cares for its patients because they are our friends and community would be fulfilling. Likewise, making a difference in a person’s ability and willingness to smile was instilled in me as a child and throughout my education and career.

I attended Wheaton College, where I received a Bachelor of Science. I was accepted at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, where I obtained my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Following dental school, I chose to complete a rigorous general practice residency at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Having practiced for ten years, I have no doubt I chose the ideal career. Dentistry blends science and aesthetics. I get to be artistic, use my hands to help people, and develop relationships; I get to fulfill my creative side and social side all in one incredible profession!

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

I am an active member of the:

  • American Dental Association
  • Massachusetts Dental Society
  • Cape Cod District Dental Society

Throughout the year, these organizations offer many meetings, lectures, seminars, and other continuing education opportunities.

I have studied a wide range of topics, and focused on those that are common to our specific patient needs. Implant dentistry is needed in our area, since many of our retired patients are of the age and situation where the need to replace teeth is common.

Thus, I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on implant restoration, including taking courses with Keystone Dental and Zimmer-Biomet. During the pandemic, I’ve spent many hours learning about the spread of disease and infection control, too.

Beyond the Practice

I have called The Cape home since 2016 and enjoy raising my three children here. Our family also includes Ducky, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Prancer, our kitten. Yes, our home tends to be busy!

Time with my family is always a priority. We often play soccer together. I love being active in the great outdoors, especially running, biking, hiking, and skiing. I also love traveling — and doing those activities in new-to-me places!

In the Community

I was an Albert Schweitzer Fellow while in dental school and volunteered my time working with women reentering the work place after incarceration. As part of this process, I provided dental service to improve these women’s outward appearance and inner self-confidence.

Prior to the pandemic, I volunteered with Cape Cares, and had the honor of helping underserved dental patients in Honduras. I look forward to resumed traveling and volunteering my dental abilities now that travel restrictions are being lifted.

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